October 13, 2011

Blog Roll

I'm sure all of you already have a TON of blogs that you follow, or maybe you don't but are looking for a push to start..... I thought I'd share a few I like :)  Chances are some of you have seen these, so bare with me or skip to the next post!

Trendland - Love love love this one!  Super artsy.  A great mixture of culture, art, design, fashion, music, and photography.  It's really inspirational, they do not skimp on images

Fast Company's Co.Design - Self-described as trying to bridge the fuzzy border between design and business.  Not to fear, it's definitely not just a bunch of boring business articles.  I feel surprised and interested every time I visit.

Amateur Couture - Really great pairings of art and fashion.  Just something nice to look at <3