October 13, 2011

Blog Roll

I'm sure all of you already have a TON of blogs that you follow, or maybe you don't but are looking for a push to start..... I thought I'd share a few I like :)  Chances are some of you have seen these, so bare with me or skip to the next post!

Trendland - Love love love this one!  Super artsy.  A great mixture of culture, art, design, fashion, music, and photography.  It's really inspirational, they do not skimp on images

Fast Company's Co.Design - Self-described as trying to bridge the fuzzy border between design and business.  Not to fear, it's definitely not just a bunch of boring business articles.  I feel surprised and interested every time I visit.

Amateur Couture - Really great pairings of art and fashion.  Just something nice to look at <3

May 4, 2011

Inspirational Sites

Variations on Normal
Crazy real/unreal ideas and products.  Below is the onion ring fabric.

Lovely UI
Collection of mobile apps UI sorted by elements such as typography, buttons, etc.

May 2, 2011

Whisk Lamp

I've always loved whisks and other interesting kitchen items.  That's part of why I love this chandelier!!  I also love the simplicity and the intricate shadows it casts.  And the thought that I could possibly make it myself...

The actual product is the Embolada Wall Lamp by Lucas Lacaz Ruiz.  The link will take you to a Studio Marcel Teixeira page which has all sorts of interesting lighting images, among other things.


I took piano lessons for 11 years of my life before starting university and becoming busy with other things.  I was lucky enough to attend the graduation recital of a good friend of mine from high school.  She plays the piano and is an amazing musician; she is such an inspiration.

Goal: Regain my passion for piano.
Step 1: Get an electric keyboard!  I've already put it on my birthday list, and have set a decent amount of money to buy one myself.